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Yoga Student Reviews

I'm looking forward to teaching you one day soon!

Need a little confidence? Read the reviews below from former yoga students. You can also find me at a local studio. Reach out to find out where and when. 

Reflections on Class...

"Kelli is a very patient and encouraging instructor. As someone who was brand new to yoga, I had some anxiety about beginning. Kelli taught me to be gentle with myself and to appreciate the progress I made, no matter how insignificant it seemed. Kelli explains poses in a way that is very easy to understand and I often find myself thinking about her directions and guidance when I am in class with other instructors. She is a gem!

Yoga class with Kelli is both challenging and relaxing. Whether moving through sun salutations, balancing in Eagle pose, or resting in Savasana, there is enough variety that all participants can benefit from Kelli's class, regardless of their experience level. Kelli provides guidance where needed, but also allows participants the freedom to find what feels good to them and encourages everyone to be patient with and accepting of where their body is that day." 

Andrea Cruz


"I was privileged to have a yoga practice session with Kelli. She chose a perfect setting. A serene outside spot along the Chattahoochee River. As we began our Sun Salutations practice, she was patient with my not knowing the exact sequence. Although I had been doing yoga practice for some time, it was a unique practice I was doing. Kelli ask permission to touch in order to be sure I was maintaining correct posture. Throughout the hour practice, I trusted her knowledge and professional approach. Her humor pushed me through to the end when my muscles were being tested. It was a perfect way to begin my day!"

Thanks, Kelli
Cynthia Jordan