I earned my 200-hour yoga teacher certification in 2015 and have been teaching yoga ever since. I enjoy teaching, but also hope to support you in creating a yoga practice. To make the most of your yoga experience, I suggest a regular practice, at least for a while. One time on the mat is great, but consistent practice, like many other activities, will allow your body the time it needs to serve you better.

So what are all the books, interviews, and links about? What does that have to do with practicing yoga? Well, feeling good is one thing, learning why you feel good and how to feel even better is another. I think these books and other resources might help.

Take the time to experience and explore new ideas -let’s face it, yoga and mediation are relatively new to many people. Delving a little deeper might help you to become more clear and help your mind to become more flexible. What a wonderful qualify to bring into the world.

So happy bending, happy sitting, happy reading! Students and friends, this is for you!




*The interview project began as part of a personal journey to learn from everyday people how, when, and if they are kind in everyday life and how they deal with life’s challenges. A sample of those interviews remain posted here.