Anonymous 67, Atlanta, GA

What does it mean to be kind?

It means to accept and listen. It’s to accept the person as they are right now.

Is it easy to be kind?

Most of the time it’s easy…. but I don’t think about that.

I have it in me. I have kindness and goodness in me and I want to treat people the way I would like to be treated. I want to “spread sunshine rather than bugs” (referencing something recently read ). I’ve been really happy for a long time. I get more energy from just smiling at people. We are here to plant flowers, but the flower has to be inside of you…. and I want other flowers in the garden (to carry out the metaphor). What goes around comes around… if you send out goodness, goodness comes back.

I once worked with someone who everyone said was super difficult to work with. He was never difficult with me. You just have to stand your ground in a positive way and have that awareness that you can tap into.

On your hardest day, are you kind to others or how do you act?

I’m the same. It feels better to smile. It takes more energy to be grumpy and alone. You can choose what to do and flip the switch and that is what I try to figure out. What’s going to get me feeling better? And I do it. I’m 67 and I want every moment to be good. (High Five!)

Has anyone ever granted you grace?

Like forgiveness? Hell yeah! Even if I don’t want to deal with them anymore, I forgive them. I give away a lot of passes.

Has anyone granted you any grace?

I’m sure they have. I’m not aware of it recently, but I am sure they have.

What’s the kindest thing that’s happened to you lately?

Two days ago a woman who is becoming my best friend here did something that was so meaningful for me. The toilet in my house had a leak, something went wrong with my car, there was a leak, and then the air conditioning went out in my house in this ninety-degree heat. Needless to say, the bills were piling up. My friend offered money to help me out. I know her situation and she has a lot going on, but she had the presence, interest, and concern to offer to help me out. I didn’t accept the support but it meant so much to me that she offered. She is my friend.