Cheryl 54, Powder Springs, GA

What does it mean to be kind?
It means to treat someone the way you want to be treated and to respond to someone in a positive way. It’s to smile at someone you don’t know (and smile also smile at people whom you do know). It means to help out where you can, especially when it’s not convenient.
Of course, it also means being nice and saying please and thank you.
Is it easy?
For me it is. I’m thankful to be here everyday. But yes, it can be challenging in certain situations, especially when someone you don’t know isn’t being kind. That’s a bigger challenge. But, if someone isn’t kind to me, I pray for them…. Most of the time I feel sorry for them.

On your hardest days, how are you or are you kind? Do you just let it all go?
I was kind on my hardest day; it was the day my mother passed. I called clients in so that I could work on a Sunday. Even when my marriage was ending, I was still kind; however, I think that this actually contributed to my stress. When people asked me how I was doing, I said "fine", which wasn’t always true. I probably should have found a way to relieve my stress. How I can be kind and still handle my stress?

Has anyone ever granted you some grace? 
I can only think of one time and the person never knew.
There was a time when I wanted someone to give me some grace and I didn’t get it. (How did that feel?) Terrible! It felt so bad. The person just did not forgive me and tried to punish me.

Have you ever granted anyone grace? Yes, my soon to be ex-husband. I forgave him in many situations. But it’s funny. I never thought of it that way.

What’s the kindest thing that’s happened to you lately?
This isn’t one tangible thing, it’s more emotional. My overall dance community has been great. Everyone is so nice and people have encouraged me in how I’m progressing and learning. Two people in particular (Cynthia and Richard) helped me. They came and talked with me and their encouragement made me feel good. They even told me that they were proud of me. Being a part of this community has opened up a whole new part of my brain.
Generally speaking people don’t have to be nice to you, if they are, that’s extra. People don’t have to do anything they don’t want to do so when people go out of their way to be welcoming I appreciate that… especially as a single woman when so many communities are closed or emphasize couples.