Clive 67, Decatur, GA


Is it easy to be kind?

I find it easy to be kind.  However, sometimes I wonder whether I was unkind by unintentionally ignoring someone. Which I do on occasion out of my own awkwardness in the situation.  

Is it easy to include people?

It is easy for me to include people.  On the other hand, I am sensitive to people's desire to be left alone, and not be drawn into things.  I am aware of the temptation to label someone difficult or unkind because they see things a different way.  It is hard to understand why or how some people believe that being unkind, or, at least, not being too kind, will change a situation. 

What’s the kindest thing that’s happened to you lately?

There is a tree limb that extends over my garden spot in my backyard. It blocks the morning sun from the vegetable garden.  Every year I think about cutting it off, but have never done it.  Two days ago I decided to do it.  One of my neighbors, offered to hold the ladder while I climbed up to cut the branch. This plan fell apart when little more than half way up, I decided it was too high for me.  Another neighbor who is much younger than the both of us, saw us standing there looking up in the tree, so he came over to see what we were doing. After I explained, he asked, “well, is the plan now to just look up at it till it falls?”  Then he offered to climb up and cut the branch down for me.  I thanked him, but I said that having seen how high it was, I would not be comfortable asking him to do it. He said it would be fairly simple for him, but I thought it was too risky. We chatted some more then they left.  Later that evening it came to me how blessed I am to be in this neighborhood, and to have neighbors who are so kind.