Elyse 28, Moultrie, GA

Is it easy to be kind?
No. Well, yes and no. It’s not black and white. I think it’s easier to be kind to the people you like and much harder to be kind to the people that you do not like. Annoying people can be frustrating and test your ability to be kind.

On your hardest day, what things do you do to be kind? Or do you just let it all go?
It’s hard for me. I am a real person and it really is hard to fake it. Depending on the day and the situation and can fake it, and I do. Some days I can’t fake it, and I’m just witchy. On these days I need to be alone because I don’t want to take it out on other people. Unfortunately, being alone isn’t always an option and I do go off on people or turn into someone who I don’t like as much.

What’s the kindest thing that’s happened to you lately?
Most of my students are awesome. I have one student who recently told me that he loved my class and that wanted to spend more time in it (I teach 5th grade and he will eventually have to graduate). He gave me a hug that day. That was a great day!