Karen 64, Atlanta, GA.

Is it easy to be kind?
Yes. It’s easy. Kind is what we all should be. It just comes naturally to me.

On your hardest day, what things do you do to be kind? Or do you just let it all go?
I try hard to think of how others would feel. Being unkind serves no purpose. Before I was thirty I was different. I decided that I wanted to be more kind and more assertive, and now I am. I can (and do) talk to anyone I might meet. God tells us to be kind. So I’m kind.

What’s the kindest thing that’s happened to you lately?
Smiling and making I contact. I ran into a man on the escalator (in the mall) and we “argued” about who should go first. I wanted to let him go first, he was with a lady. He said it was his girlfriend. I like to smile and make eye contact with people. I like it when people smile at me also. He was friendly and smiled at me and made my day brighter.