Ann 60+, Atlanta, GA

What does it mean to be kind?
Kindness is putting yourself in the other person’s place. It is about asking yourself, “what would I do if I were the other?”

Is it easy to be kind?
It’s not always easy, but if you discipline yourself to always be kind it will become a part of your DNA. By being disciplined and practicing being kind, this behavior will become a pattern of how you behave. It will become relatively automatic.

What do you do when people are being challenging or difficult?
I don’t always succeed in being kind. I can lose my patience. When I’m with someone who is being difficult, I think, maybe they had a bad day. There could be a very good reason that I don’t know about that contributes to their attitude (maybe they had to put their dog down that day).

An example of this is when, not long ago, I was out eating dinner and we got terrible service. We had to wave our hands just to get empty glasses of water filled. When the server finally returned to the table, I asked, “were they holding you captive in the back?”. I thought that my response was funny, but it wasn’t nearly as funny when he said that his girlfriend had been in a wreck. You never know what might be going on.

What’s the kindest thing that’s happened to you lately?
I work at a very kind organization. We are in the business of making things happen for the good; consequently, the people here are very thoughtful. Everyday there are thousands of little ways that people are show kind regard for others. I don’t want to take any of it for granted. As the founder, I worked hard to create this atmosphere and now I am the recipient of it.