Constance 63, Smyrna, GA

What does it mean to be kind?
It means that you interact with people and with living things (including animals) in a way that is mindful of their best interest…. Good luck knowing what that (their best interest) is!
What do you do when people are being challenging or difficult?
I take the conversation in the direction of what they are trying to achieve. When people are behaving with anger or aggression, if you confront their emotion, most times people are defensive or shamed, or both. ...And if you can understand what they want or need, then you have the opportunity to get the negative emotion out and really get at what they might need or want.
Is it easy for you to include people?
Yes. It is easy.
I really naturally think about how people can be connected. How they might benefit. It might not be in my circle… maybe it’s being part of another circle. If I see someone and discover that they are a knitter, I might say, “there’s a group you might be interested in.” I naturally think about how people can be connected and happy. It’s good to have happy people, they are less inclined to hurt others.
What’s the kindest thing that’s happened to you lately?
I went to visit a friend of mine who I came to know through a clothing store. She is having reconstructive surgery after breast cancer. When she saw me the other evening, she said that I looked good and confirmed that I have a good sense of self and that it comes across in the clothes that I choose to wear. She confirmed my growth since I have known her. I’m really proud of that and appreciated her compliment to me that went way beyond appearance.